Sage 100 Authorized Training Center in Tampa, Florida

Tampa Florida – Accounting Business Solutions by JCS (, the nation’s premier provider of Sage 100 technical support and training for SAGE software, today announced the expansion of its training center in Tampa Florida, to include Sage 100. A drastic increase in demand for the company’s training and services necessitated the move to a new, larger, state-of-the-art training facility; more than double the size of the company’s previous office.

“Accounting Business Solutions by JCS always strives to provide highest quality training and support to its customers”, said Marilyn Longbein, manager, Accounting Business Solutions by JCS. “Our current facilities in Tampa Florida have been expanded to offer the latest training technologies to all our clients.”

The company’s new address is 110 Athens Street Tarpon Springs, Florida 34689. The main phone number has changed to 727-225-7993

About JCS
Accounting Business Solutions by JCS ( provides accounting software technical support and training for SAGE Software products including ACT! By Sage, Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage CRM formerly Peachtree, MAS 90, MAS 200, Business Intelligence and Timeslips. In addition, JCS specialized in integration between accounting applications and e-commerce shopping cards, Point of Sale Systems and customer relationship management applications. JCS Computer Resources provides installation, consulting, training – online, your site or our training center, technical support – online, on-site, or by phone.

JCS Computer Resources has been providing quality support and training since 1988 and is certified as a Sage Authorized Training Center and has held a Master Certification Status for 12 years in a row.

Offices are located serving:
Sage 50 in Southfield, Michigan
Sage 100 in Southfield Michigan
Sage CRM in Southfield Michigan
ACT! By Sage in Southfield Michigan
Timeslips in Southfield Michigan
Sage 50 Business Intelligence
Sage 100 Business Intelligence

Sage 50 in Arlington Heights, Illinois
Sage 100 in Arlington Heights, Illinois
Sage CRM in Arlington Heights, Illinois
ACT! By Sage in Arlington Heights, Illinois
Timeslips in Arlington Heights, Illinois
Sage 50 Business Intelligence in Arlington Heights, Illinois
Sage 100 Business Intelligence in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Sage 50 in Saint Louis, Missouri
Sage 100 in Saint Louis, Missouri
Sage CRM in Saint Louis, Missouri
ACT! By Sage in Saint Louis, Missouri
Timeslips in Saint Louis, Missouri
Sage 50 Business Intelligence in Saint Louis, Missouri
Sage 100 Business Intelligence in Saint Louis, Missouri

Sage 50 in Tampa Florida
Sage 100 in Tampa Florida
Sage CRM in Tampa Florida
ACT! By Sage in Tampa Florida
Timeslips in Tampa Florida
Sage 50 Business Intelligence in Tampa Florida
Sage 100 Business Intelligence in Tampa Florida

Sage 50 in Dallas, Texas
Sage 100 in Dallas, Texas
Sage CRM in Dallas, Texas
ACT! By Sage in Dallas, Texas
Timeslips in Dallas, Texas
Sage 50 Business Intelligence in Dallas, Texas
Sage 100 Business Intelligence in Dallas, Texas

Sage 50 in Atlanta, Georgia
Sage 100 in Atlanta, Georgia
Sage CRM in Atlanta, Georgia
ACT! By Sage in Atlanta, Georgia
Timeslips in Atlanta, Georgia
Sage 50 Business Intelligence in Atlanta, Georgia
Sage 100 Business Intelligence in Atlanta, Georgia

Top Android Apps You Cannot Ignore

The Android Market features all sorts of applications, and while some are really great, some are rather disappointing. And, there are many users who have no idea what they ought to download, and which ones they could really use. This is why below you are presented top android apps. They are of various types, and whether you want to translate a phrase, or to keep in touch with your friends, you will surely adore them.

It can be very difficult to pick up only a few apps, because there are countless applications available on Android, but those that are mentioned below are truly remarkable. However, in the following list are not included widespread apps like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, because most of you are already using them. To begin with, one of the most popular social apps is GetGlue, and it will enable you to keep up to date with all the media you enjoy. Also, you have the possibility to share your favorite music, movies, videos, games, and anything else. And, the best thing about GetGlue is that you earn stickers, instead of the outdated badges that are used by all the other similar apps.

Similarly, GetGlue works in partnership with various entertainment providers; therefore you will spot its fancy sticker on diverse games, movies, and videos. It is original, and engaging, and before you notice, you will be using this app all the time. Furthermore, Google Translate is also useful and interesting app. Still, it was expected from Google to release such an amazing application, if we are to consider all its previous products. The Google Translate app is a fabulous, portable dictionary, which you will be able to use anytime you need to translate a word. Likewise, the application has a distinct and very clear design, and it works very well, therefore you will not encounter any problems while using it. Moving on, you will surely like Titanium Backup.

It is a vital app for all the Android users who need to transfer a lot of information, because it saves all the apps that you download, along with their background data. This means that you will lose your levels on a game never again! Additionally, Foursquare is very popular application, which has recently changed its design, and has added new fascinating features. Basically, it is a social network based on location, which will enable you to interact with your friends better than ever. Foursquare allows all its users to see the tips left by everyone else, and it offers numerous suggestions of related establishments. In the end, a very hip app is Instagram. You have probably heard of Instagram before, as it has developed extremely fast, being extremely widespread.

It has not been present on the Android for a very long time, and it was basically designed for the iOS, and it was released on other platforms only after a relatively long period of time. These being said, if you adore taking photos of different things, and you want everyone to see your work, you have to get this incredible top android app. You are guaranteed to have a great time altering photos, making them cool, and interesting, and then sharing them with everyone.

Photoshop CS6 Tips and Tricks

Students and professionals from all over the world are using Adobe’s Photoshop each and every day, and they all simply love this software application which is most commonly used for editing images and photographs of any kind. However, not all of these people are aware of the fact that Photoshop CS6 is the absolute best version of Photoshop so far, and that there are many different tips and tricks they can use in order to make their use of Photoshop more effective and more fluent. Aside from Photoshop CS6 tutorials and online training, there are many videos that can be found online and that can help you use Photoshop CS6 with ease.

This is a great and new tool that is featured in Photoshop CS6, and it can help you do wonders with your images – both literally and figuratively speaking. Namely, scaling images to larger and smaller sizes is very useful in many instances, and Photoshop CS6 lets you do this with superb results. For example, if you have a photograph of a large plane with just grass, a beautiful sunset and red skies, and a majestic tree in one corner of the photo, you can turn this photo into a masterpiece with the Content Aware Scaling tool and the Area Protection feature. You firstly mark the area you do not want to scale, for example the tree and the sunset, and scale the rest of the image to a size that best suits your wishes. The scaling process takes seconds, and the results are, as mentioned above, magnificent.

The Content Aware Move Tool

Another great trick you can do with Photoshop CS6 is moving content within your image, or cropping it if you like, without loss of any features in the photo. This is a great thing to do if you do not like something in the photo, and if you want it moved or even completely removed from the photo. After you move or remove the area you have selected, the background of this area will be filled with pixels according to the surrounding parts of the photograph. Although this tool is best used with photographs that have simple backgrounds, it can also work with images that have more complex backgrounds – but you will probably have to do some manual corrections afterwards.

Tricks that Will Help You Speed Up Your Photoshop CS6

There are a few things that you can do in order to quicken up your Photoshop CS6, and here are some of them:

• Purge Photoshop CS6 history – Even though it is sometimes useful to have the history saved in your Photoshop CS6, the fact is that purging it frees up resources and speeds up your Photoshop CS6.

• Image resolution – Reducing the resolution of the photos you are working with makes a lot of sense, especially if you will be saving a low-quality version in the end anyway.

Aside from this, you can also draw in basic mode, turn off animated zoom, image previews, flick panning, and some other features. All of this will free up resources and make using Photoshop CS6 more effective.