Application Monitoring Should Encompass Application Performance Management In Totality

anagement or review of application performance can often be incomplete because it tends to concentrate on the process of monitoring alone, and not for errors that may be expected or anticipated to occur in the lifecycle of the application. One of the reasons for this could be that anticipating problems or errors is never an easy task. Further, problems that do not have a precedent are often not easy to predict. Application monitoring is an intrinsic part of performance management, but it cannot prevent issues and application failures by itself, but if it is applied in a thorough manner, it may help raise timely alerts and reveal corrective measures that could be taken.

Elements to take care of, when managing application performance

Performance management needs to focus on whether the application will meet its end-user expectations or not. Outline application expectations, if needed, before going ahead with the monitoring agenda. Application monitoring will work best when it goes hand-in-hand with end-user expectations. Understanding user expectations will also help you outline a monitoring plan that will take precise as well as overall care of all the most important areas within the application. Another advantage to outlining user expectations is to ensure that you have all the monitoring tools in place. This will also ensure optimizing of the application performance monitoring process itself.

Remember to also measure the impact of application monitoring on the performance of the application, versus the results in case there is no monitoring in place.

How to determine the ideal time for application monitoring?

There is no fixed way by which to determine the right time to begin application monitoring. However, certain elements can become pointers.

> Over utilization: If an application is being utilized above its core capabilities, it may utilize more memory and need monitoring to pinpoint the precise problem. Over utilization may occur in terms of usage time or the number of users accessing it at any given time.

> System crash: At times, errors may occur unexpectedly. This can result in sudden breakdown or total stopping of the application’s functions. Application monitoring that is thorough and comprehensive can catch a potential error before it brings about a complete system breakdown.

> Software failure: Software failures can be major contributors to application breakdown. However, regular monitoring can help raise timely alerts and allow you to take corrective action before the software fails entirely.

> Regular updates: If your software is not updated regularly, it can remain vulnerable to threats such as virus attacks or even hardware failure and configuration problems. Application monitoring can help determine critical updates needed and raise timely alerts so that appropriate action can be taken.

Critical elements

Application monitoring should cover everything, from server downtime to software, to processes and services, as well as hardware. Application performance monitoring can also include configuration changes. Application monitoring must be implemented keeping in mind it must be kept in mind that costs incurred in repairs and maintenance could be significantly higher than those incurred in monitoring.

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Collaboration of Microscribe Arm for Laser Integration

Still checking for a way to capture and translate the physical properties of your home gadgets, office equipment and three-dimensional items? The best way to solve this dilemma is through the use of the Microscribe arm.

Countless companies have discovered the affordable solutions offered by the Microscribe arm. If you are into graphics, reverse engineering or some other industries, then it is high time that you start to consider bringing in the expertise of a Microscribe arm to your organization.

Using the Microscribe arm , you will find it smarter to create 3D models of any object at all, even if these objects are by no means flat. The great thing about the Microscribe arm is its ability to get the physical properties of an object just by merely tracing over the object’s contours. By doing that, anyone can easily come up with a 3D design of an object in a matter of minutes.

If you need to take your company and its productivity to the next level, then add software that can support the functions of the Microscribe arm. Thousands of users can attest to the efficiency of the Laser ScanArm®, FARO® Gage Standard, especially for corporations that are bent on professionalizing the services they offer.

The one that comes to mind when one hears Microscribe arm are the car manufacturers and assemblers that use imaging as part of their daily work. However, you could be surprised to realize that a variety of industries and professionals are now starting to realize the importance of having a Laser ScanArm®, FARO® Gage Standard in their possession.

Among the professionals who have learned to appreciate the value of a Microscribe arm are the architects and engineers who are working with laser imaging on a regular basis. The construction industry, whether residential or commercial, makes use of 3D images from the beginning to the end of every job. Just think how satisfied your clients would be, when you give them a preview of how the inside and the outside of their buildings or homes will look like, through a 3D image created with a Microscribe arm.

Understandably, it is the auto industry that has cashed in on the advantages of using a Microscribe arm which they use to create their vehicle models. This is also essential in reconstructing the drawings for vehicles due for inspection, repair or redesign.

The Microscribe arm is a very useful device for creating prototypes for equipment, machine or vehicles. This is especially true for items that are no longer available in the market, or items which the user wants to improve on.

Gadgets and electronics are expected to become more highly in demand in the future, making the Microscribe arm a sound investment. The usefulness of the device is made more significant in various industries because of its portability and accuracy. With the technology, even the difficult areas or parts of a piece can be recreated.

Surprisingly, even the medical industry has started to realize the importance of the Laser ScanArm®, FARO® Gage Standard You would not believe it, but even industries that provide foot care find the Microscribe arm very useful. Through this gadget, foot care specialists are able to use technology to provide the best health care possible to their customers.

No matter what your company might be, take a look at the various ways and means that the Microscribe arm can assist you when it comes to improving your efficiency and productivity.

Securing a Website From Hacking

Hacking is defined as an attempt to modify the programmed behavior of any application according to the intent of an attacker. The attacker or hacker himself is a computer programmer who penetrates the protection of the original code and modifies its behavior by injecting bad code inside the application. The reason for hacking can be anything, for de-reputing a company or for illegally utilizing its resources of web host like CPU and bandwidth.

The selection of website development tool i.e. software like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal used for developing a website also influences the potential threat which can be faced by a website. For example, WordPress, being the most popular Content Management System in web development, is highly targeted by attackers. The Plugin culture of WordPress further highlights the loose entry points for hackers to easily intrude a website.

Most of the time, websites are hacked due to the reckless approach by administrators for maintaining and securing their respective domains. Following measures can be deployed to reduce the severity of an attack by a considerable amount:

    • Website owners often deploy any web hosting service by comparing the price of services without considering the level of security a host can provide. Attackers easily gain access to different websites, hosted on a poorly secured web server. Attackers then intrude web directories of different websites and alter the behavior of the website or any application. Prior to selecting a hosting service, the effectiveness of security of the hosting facility should be checked and a review about the same should be considered.
    • File access permission on the web server should be implemented and verified properly and periodically. This ensures that no other person can gain an insight into the code of the application or even the hierarchy of directories. This strengthens the security of the website as well as the web server and provides access only to an authentic administrator with access permissions. It also helps to upgrade the access permission for different people involved in maintaining a website.
    • Remove un-used plugins from all the location of the web directory, which were once in use or used for testing purpose. It provides two advantages; it speeds up the load time of the website and it removes any unnecessary entry point in the website which is not usually monitored.
    • Another reason that websites are hacked is because websites keep on using outdated plugins and security measures while attackers on the other hand, develop new methods to gain entry in the web directory. So it is desired for the webmasters to apply the new patches and upgrades periodically, as they are released to fill the earlier voids discovered by the team of Ethical Hackers, which website software companies deploy to refresh and upgrade security effectiveness of their platforms.

In most cases, website owners are notified if their website is hacked by web browser’s protection utilities or search engine results. In other cases, hackers re-direct the website to another site or display a message notifying the viewer of the hacking event through a message. Another way of identification can be examined with the unnatural or un-intended behavior of the website like unnecessary pop-up messages, redirects or software download options.